Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to published but are not sure how to got about it? The following question will help you understand how we ate Adhunik Prakashan execute the process of submission and evaluation of proposals and manuscripts :

  • What kind of proposals are entertained and evaluated?

    Adhunik Prakashan accepts proposals in English and Hindi - languages Fiction (novels and short stories), poetry, general and narrative, non-fiction, biographies, current affairs, business, travel, cooking, religion, philosophy and self-helf, reference and quizzing, photography, competitive and illustrated books.
  • What should my proposal contain?

    Ideally, your proposal should contain a detailed synopsis and chapter ouline, with sample chapters.
  • How do I send my proposal? To whom shall I send my proposal?

    Send in your proposal in hand copy through regular post/courier, or email us at submission@adhunikprakashan.com. Please do not send material in CDs, you send as we do not return any material submitted to us. Send you proposal to : 4771/23, G/2, Opposite Chaudhary Eye Center, Ansari Road, Dariyaganj, Delhi-110002. OR Email us at : submission@adhunikprakashan.com
  • Should I send in a complete manuscript?

    At the initial stage, sending in a complete manuscript is not required. The publishing potential of a book is evaluated based on a proposal outlinning in detail the structure style, contents, potential relationship and the market for the content.
  • What does the process of evaluation entail and how long does it take?

    The editonial from conducts a preliminary evaluation of the synopsis and sample chapters to develope an insight in to the work and gauge its potential. In the wort your proposal is found suitable, you may be asked to send in the entire manuscript for a through evaluation. The detailed evaluation takes a minimum of 1 month and post evaluatior, you will be informed of our find decision.
  • Whom shall I contact during the process of evaluation?

    You can contact at submission@adhunikprakashan.com or call us at - 011-40159151. The decision is communicated at the end of the evaluation period.
  • What are the terms and conditions - royalties, territories, number of copies, distribution network - under which my book will be published?

    Terms and conditons pertaining to rouyalties, all decision which are taken only on find acceptance of a book for publication should your manuscript be accepted, these will automatically be discussed at a later stage. Quries pertaining to these ate the time of submitting your proposal on during the evaluation process are pronature.
  • Can I send my proposal elsewhere while I have submitted it to you?

    You are free to submit your proposal simultaneously to us and to others. We would however, request you to inform us of the same.
  • Some simple Dos and Don'ts.

    Read the FAQs throughly. Perushing this section will give you all information pertaining to the procedure of submitting proposals/manuscripts to us.

    Your proposal should include a synopsis and chapter outline together with two sample chapters.

    Do keep a copy of the material you have sent for your records. We do not return any documents sent to us.

    Do inform us if you have simultaneously submitted your manuscript to another publishing house while we're considering your proposal.

    Do make any queries via phone, fax, email on in person in the period your proposal and/or manuscript is being assessed. Feel free to reach on contact us.

    Do not send us the manuscript if you have already submitted it for consideration elsewhere.